Thursday, 13 December 2018

Juliette ! A year in View... Ok I know it's not quite the new year ...anywho....

As with all good stories we shall start in January !

A blog about what I have been up too, the ups and downs, sad times, places visited and photo's taken and achievements ! 

January saw me placing a picture in the now annual Grundy Art Gallery 2018 exhibition, little did I know that I was one of only six that sold ! 

It was also my Birthday this month and Guy & I went for a meal at the RED Lion in Bispham ...lets just say I will not be spending my money there again !!

February saw the following - More #lapisconference news! We are delighted to announce that Jenny Randles and Juliette Gregson will be speaking at this event. Well I owed the Lapis Crew a guest talk from a few years ago and was delighted that I would be attending the same event with the very delightful Jenny Randles.

Continued to help Jane Littlewood and the FAB brand that is Visit Fylde Coast with assistance towards vintage photographs and local heritage ones...

Two years since my beloved Christo had passed ...

House of Whitegate finally sold - not without solicitors going into administration causing merry hell and then some - again supported as always by my parents and Guy ..

March brought a visit to Hanger 42

I would urge my readers to visit if you love planes -In Hangar 42, Blackpool Airport we celebrate the Fylde Coasts 100+ years of Aeronautical history. Open the First Sunday every Month from March through October 2018. 10am - 4 pm Under 10's Free, 10-15 yrs £2.50 Adults £3.50

I also was treated to a brilliant visit with my Mum to Atherton Guide Dog Training School
we could have stayed ALL day !!! Such a very worthwhile cause.

 A trip as well after to  -Ena mill built 1908 grade2 listed building for a shopping experience ! 

Luna arrived with us one year ago ! She is much bigger now !

Still in March attended Probe UFO conference and assisted being the offical photographer, met a few friends I had not seen in a while and made some new ones... ( myself and the fab Alan Godfrey )

April brought a most excellent design for my 2nd book ...

Won a free original print from the Inspirations gallery - alas due to the high rent and location this lovely lady had to close down her gallery - so basically , if you don't use the local shops they do go :O( 

4 years ago with my first book ! 

Helped Visit Blackpool with the Blackpool Post Office !  set for a transformation. New life is to be breathed into the old building at Abingdon Street as it's developed into the Red Box Quarter. Take a look here -

Along to May - Visited Waton Hall and Granny's Bay  

Did in the last few months walk away from situations that were causing issues and lack of sleep - so did the right thing and moved on..

Went to Gloucester and other fab places for a week, much fun had and Luna enjoyed running about in the fields ...

Luna very much enjoed her week away as you can see by the image below - I must explain abour red duvet - she loves it and where ever you place it she will snuggle !

Big thanks and shout out to LeftCoast and Blackpool Museum for today in May  as they are both just epic with informmation and advice and always keep me in the loop...

2 years ago ...Perm display of my photographs
Huge thanks to Debs ! ( via Steve Bobola - and The Rose & Crown - all round the room displayed ! Could not stop grinning !
Wow ! My photographs - pride of place - xxx

 visited for the first time St Annes beach Huts , very nice to visit on a summer day and just as the sun goes down !

Also attended Fylde Artisans At Fairhaven Lake - sunny as day and didn't get sunburnt ( much )
Lots of fine fylde folk attended with food, drink and music , lots of actuvities for all ages as well, very much will be returning next year ...

Into June we jump...
This saw think I can call this annual trip out with Daddy G to
Fairhaven Lake
Was part of ....

Now I got to visit this brilliant Grade 2 listed building which I have been after visiting for ages !
Parrox Hall 

Was also delighted that the Lancashire Archives used some of my images for publication.

Now this was cool to attend as the location was the old Blackpool Grammer School, you will know this as the Salvation Army now - so was nice to see the other side of the building ! Always happto to help Stephen Mercer of Supernatural Events.

 Next work related goodness -
#CivilServiceLive WOW ! #Blackpool you did us proud today @UKCivilService @CSLocalNW, Photographs to edit and distribute to all & great to spend most of the day taking shots and being the unofficial paparazzi for John Manzoni !

Onto July ...Ohh the excitement ! 

20th July saw as VIP invite from Stephen Mercer at Supernatural Events
with the Ghost Tram - Running from Blackpool North Pier heading to Fleetwood and then back again with spooky tales along the way .

The 21st saw myself & Guy as VIP guests at the following 

Free entry with drinks and the chance to see one of chaps I watched in Sci-fi

Into August - 6 years ago the Tashe was being knocked down...

A surprise and proud moment from Poulton Photographic Society

47 years married - I would have posted a wedding one ... twas not allowed ! Much love to you both xxxx

You do however get a baby one of me and my dear late departed grandparents Frank & Elsie xxx 

29th would have seen my late Grandad's birthday - Frank Gregson 

Zooming into September next 

the 1st would have seen the Birthday of my late Grandma - Elsie Gregson 

The 15th saw me taking part in Blackpool's Heritage Week where I gave a talk about the local area and the history of the Salvation Army Building.

 October soon followed and no rest for the wicked ..
Weird Fylde
Juliette W Gregson is a heritage photographer, taking pictures of derelict buildings, art deco, small toys in hedges, Preserving the Past for the Future ! She loves to go out and catch iconic images of our town and the surrounding areas. Local historian Juliette has written for the BBC, provided research for ITV and many other publications, local & national over the years. Juliette has always had an avid interest in the paranormal and weird happenings in her local area and will be talking about this at LAPIS conference. I also made some new friends and laughed and caught up with the old ones as well! 

The later end of the month also saw Guy, Luna and myself moving onto a new property - on the deeds the name mentions 'Oakdene' - and below my step count on moving day !! 

As Halloween approached I helped out a lady ( now a friend ! ) with her new business  
The Urban Vintage Affair 

Rolling into November saw a quiet beginning and then ...well read on !! 

A while back had submitted another photograph that I was delighted to hear had appeared in the final 'cut'with Lancashire Community Film !

Through the year as one of the regular contributors and official photographers for Jane Littlewood and her fab brand Visit Fylde which incorporates all of the coast.
From the Visit Fleetwood site  - Our Photo Friend Juliette W Gregson took this great photo of the 'Welcome Home' statue on The Esplanade.

                                                                                                                                                 The 18th saw quite a drastic turn of events...Juliette admitted to the Vic today with extreme abdominal pain, and has acute pancreatitis, with possibility of gallstones as the cause. Is in a surgical ward and awaiting an ultrasound scan tomorrow.

The 24th saw the actual operation taking place in the early afternoon with me being rather nervous beforehand, and eventually being released back home to recuperate on the Monday ...

December !

Still in recovery however , a few nice things popped along for me..
Was contacted by the lovely Peter Walton ( Prof no less ) and his most recent published work was a history of the Blackpool Tower Company. Peter needed some help with images for his new book, 'Piers, Paddles & Profits' ...

Blackpool Heritage news saw an article penned by my good self published in the Winter edition

Also had one of my images chosen for a local charity calender !

Juliette ! A year in View... Ok I know it's not quite the new year ...anywho....

As with all good stories we shall start in January ! A blog about what I have been up too, the ups and downs, sad times, places visited...